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The Gift of Seva

Seva is the act of selfless service.

By Denie Pentecost


I believe in Kundalini our purpose is to serve, uplift, and enrich others. 



Over the past year I’ve learnt one of the most rewarding ways to serve is through organising our community Sadhana at KMYOGA. Although it took discipline and perseverance the rewards by far outweigh the challenges. And boy, there were many… it’s true getting up at 4am every Saturday pushes some buttons. 


They say to serve helps you obtain peace and retain liberation. But better than that, was to witness our community - teachers, students, experienced and beginners - come together to uplift themselves and each another. All the great teachers who came and led with reverence and humility were an inspiration. It gave me the opportunity to connect and heal with so many.  I relived the bliss of what it’s like to experience your first Sadhana, through new students' eyes. Their tears of joy, and peaceful serene smiles were enough to remind me that this is what being a part of the Kundalini community is about.


To give without attachment, to love with an open heart and surrender to the gift which is seva. 


Sat Nam

Denie Pentecost (Kundalini Yoga teacher and co-founder of the Sydney Kundalini Collective, Newtown)


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February 24, 2014
KMYOGA would like to thank those who offer us Seva: Denie Pentecost, Alexis Hannigan - both have organised KY teachers to lead Sadhana on Saturdays & Rohini, who maintains our beautiful garden!