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KMYOGA/ANS Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Sydney: How Kundalini Yoga Level 1 & 2 Teacher Trainings Differ



How Kundalini Level 1 & 2 Teacher Trainings differ & the optimum sequence of the 5 modules in Level 2. By Sat Sarbat Kaur (lead trainer for KMYOGA & ANS level 1 teacher training and co-founder of Ajai Alai Asia).

In level 1 Teacher Training you learn about the techniques of Kundalini Yoga and became an instructor. In that training the view on the human body was on a very physical level. How you experience a kriya, how you teach a kriya and the effect they have on a physical level



But to become a teacher you have to go through a personal transformation and this is the growth process offered by the five modules of level 2. As with all growth, it takes time and it is made out of commitment!

Level 2, the optimum sequence of the 5 modules:
Level 2 is the second stage of training in Kundalini Yoga and it is about the transformation and deepening of your own core capacities. This is why Level 2 ideally stretches over two years and the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) requires at least two years of teaching experience during your mastery of the five modules of study contained in this stage.

Karta Singh, founder of the Amrit Nam Sarovar School (ANS) has been a pioneer in teaching level 2 and from the beginning he saw the level 2 modules as a unique sequence of growth and transformation, connected to the 5 elements of creation and ancient teachings.

This is the sequence proposed by Karta Singh:
- Vitality and Stress – Earth element
- Conscious Communication – Water element
- Authentic Relationships (Man/Woman) – Fire element
- Life Cycles and Lifestyles – Air element
- Mind and Meditation – Ether element

Ideally you should follow that order.  However, since the elements in the creation are interconnected in a circle, you may enter it at any given moment, provided you remain aware of the sequence.

In reality, that order of teaching level 2 is not considered worldwide. This had to do with globalization and the fact that many teachers teach in different countries, so that students pick up modules as it is convenient for them. While this freedom makes it easier to fit the training into our lives to match our own commitments and requirements, nevertheless something is lost and we would like to explain why.  This will give you a clearer understanding of why it is advisable to do the modules being aware of the sequence, rather than jumping around to collect modules with different schools.

Below is a detailed overview of the modules and their connection to the elements as proposed by ANS:

1.Stress Management - this first module is connected to your foundation and the Earth element.  Vitality is your earth, because if you don't have vitality, you cannot master your nervous system, you cannot meditate.

2.Conscious Communication - the power and flow of your word is connected to the Water element.  In 16 words students will know if they need to learn from you as a teacher. You need to know that the sound will go through and will uplift others.  In this week, you will become aware of many of your patterns that bring misery to your life.

3.Authentic Relationships (Man/Woman) are the Fire of life.  There is a lot to learn about polarities, conflicts and wounds, and through the pain we have accumulated.  We lost our freedom to stay in a relationship because we are afraid to lose the love.

4.Mind and Meditation. Air element - the mind.  The mind is universal and we need to be totally aware of its function, and the relation between individual and universal mind. Through meditation, we become aware, you can plug to any source of knowledge you need. Karta's week on Mind and Meditation is varied and certainly not a traditional way to learn, to come out of your box and learn what the meditation space is!

5.Life Cycles and Lifestyles are connected to prosperity and the element Ether.  How to create a successful life, working on your own biography, and the concept of prosperity as a spiritual value. We cannot spend our life in begging, our life is to bless, not to beg. How you can drive your life, identify your ultimate realization and reach it. It's about life cycles, your family karma and your ancestors.

Karta Singh added a 6th module called the Spiritual Warrior and it is about death. This module is not compulsory for certification. However, if you do the five modules with the Amrit Nam Sarovar school, you will want to do it, because it will become clear to you that you will complete the cycle of life and death and follow the pulse of the universe. The universal pulse is the cycle of coming into form and leaving. It is the inhale and exhale and the ultimate transformation is about death. Only when you grasp this and overcome your fears, only when you let go, you may start living with full intensity.

This (optional) 6th module is the frame and context about how to apply everything you have learned before, like the "bardo" - 17 days when your soul faces the astral and decides to go through or to be caught.  ANS does not guarantee that after 2 years we will be free from the net, but to decide how you dedicate your life will definitely turn to be a conscious decision.

Why the Vitality and Stress week with the Amrit Nam School (ANS) brings you more:

The standard Vitality & Stress module as proposed by KRI worldwide covers exclusively the stress process and how to recover vitality. Karta Singh and ANS brought a unique way to look at this week, integrating inter-connectedness between the outside and the inner world in relation to the five elements that drive the creation.

During this week we will look at the human body in a very holistic way and explore every day one of the elements in a given sequence, the energetics of the yoga kriyas, the organs and glands affected, the meridians, the food, the nadis, the true nature of that element and how it interferes and interacts with your whole system. You will become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and you will learn how to listen to your physical body, how the stress affects your balance (physically, energetically and spiritually), and how to recover vitality from your own core.

It is interesting to notice that during this Stress and Vitality week with ANS, you will also obtain an overview of all six modules of the Teacher Training Level 2! This week is your foundation on which you can build a strong structure. As every foundation, if it is solid it will give you the motivation and reasons why your growth and elevation can only start if you fully integrate your human experience.

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